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The Executive Contractors Co. (ECC) is a specialized construction company engaged in turnkey projects for Private & Government sector with an expertise to provide turnkey management & construction services for any given project, thus serving as the single point of contact for all construction related issues & concerns from conceptual studies to finished product.

Since its inception, Executive Contractors Co. has always strived for the highest standards in quality cost & time frame.

A comprehensive team of highly qualified professionals specialized in various disciplines of engineering, construction, project management & design, has given ECC a justified reputation in construction industry.

Quality & Customer satisfaction is our core objective.






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The Executive Contractors Co.

To build a world class & dynamic construction leader able to “build to last” in very high quality standard with visible cost control and in unmatchable time frame by creating a well organized corporate standard and result driven culture.


The Executive Contractors Co.

To be the client’s first choice for efficient construction execution partners.


The Executive Contractors Co.

Leaders always look toward the future.

Founded in the year 2006, The Executive Contractors Company is a 100% Saudi Arabian, limited liability company with its head office in Riyadh and with its main focus on general contracting, engineering studies, maintenance, landscaping and cleaning works.

Since its inception ECC has achieved remarkable growth in size and reputation with a clear aim to be a very highly professional contracting company. The comprehensive team of qualified professionals, specialized in all engineering disciplines has always enabled ECC to execute the projects with ease and professionalism.

Our safety engineering team always monitors and verifies the loss prevention programs, with daily safety checks and a range of standard safety initiatives. The engineering team and the top management at ECC always keep track of the projects by proper planning and scheduling to ascertain the time bond completion of the projects.

Our Value engineering team ensures that our clients get maximum value out of the allocated budget of the project. Our architectural design team always provide to our clients the alternate design options in order to maintain the optimum balance among the costs, functions and project requirements.

All the staff at ECC is compelled to carry out quality control programs which ultimately are achieved by the weekly/monthly trainings to the engineering staff by our expertise project management team.

Core values


To create and maintain a culture and environment in which team members are able to achieve their potential.


ECC is committed to look fairly after the interests of the customers, partners, team members & suppliers.


The synergy of engineering, procurement & construction activities enables ECC to achieve quality projects delivered on time within the budget & with highest quality standards.


Aspiring excellence through innovation, demonstrating excellence through knowledge, and measuring excellence through productivity.

Our Goals

To lead the construction industry by making world class efficient standards.

To build a corporate & well organized execution environment for our TMs and clients.

To maintain the highest quality standards in all levels in materials, equipments, tools, methods and people.

To build an international mega size and result driven data base for our materials, equipments, people resources.

To create always the most advanced high quality, cost control, and time management methods in every projects we do.

To maintain a high profitability by the high business turnover, value, prices, quality or execution and economic materials resources.

To build an easy to build and execute work environment with clear standard and procedure for our TMs.

To be the most value added and efficient partner for our client success and growth.

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